PVT Wars.

This is really a character piece and the actors portray their developing relationships with impressive performances.


It was a touching piece with strong performances from the central three. The play shows an interesting and often unexplored side of warfare, and this was done with sensitivity and humour.


The Liz And Dick Show.

This is the easiest review I have had to make so far this Fringe because it's one of those glorious hidden gems that occasionally washes up on these frequently desolate shores.


A spellbinding and utterly riveting play performed by supremely talented actors. I can't recommend it highly enough.


Richard Oliver has successfully directed the actors allowing the portrayal of this seething relationship to emerge white hot before the audience.



A mightily impressive attempt, and a big well done to the young players who attack the verse with hunger and realism, and for 50 minutes or so, thrust this dark tale of cruel ambition, bloodlust and crazed destiny into almost the very laps of the seated audience.


Members of this talented Youth Theatre company who, backed by a daringly imaginative sound system (that wouldn’t be out of place in “Apocalypse Now”) perform this thrilling production, and feverishly attack this tale of evil prophecy that is steeped in death, madness, and foul deeds of the night.


When My Time Comes.

Engaging, Ingenious and sneakily powerful.

Is easily one of the best performed one actor shows at the fringe this year.